5 Cool Perks About Solar Panels You Should’ve Already Know in 2019

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

We’ve made it easy for you to decide why you should go with solar panels this year. In this blog post, we share 5 benefits of solar panels that will convince you once and for all.

Benefits of Solar Panels

2018 was a hot year for solar. According to the Clean Energy Council, the number of Australian homes with rooftop solar reached 2 million. It means that more and more Aussies are enjoying the benefits of renewable energy.

This is a remarkable achievement for us, as it shows that we are moving forward in accelerating carbon abatement.

We expect a lot of solar panel installation to continue this year, that's why we create this post to share the 5 cool perks about solar to convince you once and for all!

Solar Helps You Reduce Your Electrical Bill

According to Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton: “Homes with rooftop solar installed are saving on average of about $540 per year on their electricity bills,” Mr Thornton said. “Solar is a clear way for consumers to take control of their power consumption and cut costs…”

Depending on the size of your system and how you use the energy, you could see a significant reduction in your electricity bill. Which means the system typically pays for itself in under 5 years.

Solar Helps You Reduce Co2 Emission

Your electricity bill won’t be the only thing that goes down. Your household Co2 emissions will drop. This means that you are reducing your effect on global warming. If you have energy luxuries in your home (and most modern homes do), you will be reducing the carbon footprint of the TV, computer, dishwasher, dryer and air-con, pool… How great is that?

Solar Adds Value to Your Home

Adding solar is also financially smart in terms of adding value to your home. Remember when it was trendy to install a water tank? Now, all new homes are required to have water tanks. We believe this will be similar to solar - it will become a natural evolution in smart, valuable homes.

Recently reported that going eco will make you more money when you resale:

“new research showed properties with sustainable features such as solar panels, battery packs and rainwater tanks have been selling faster and at higher prices than homes without the eco-friendly features.”

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By Adopting Solar, You’ll Be Joining 2 Million Australians That Have taken control of Their Electricity Consumption

By getting solar installed in your home, you’re joining 2 million households in Australia who are committed to being kind to the environment. That’s a great feeling. You only have to drive around the Northern Beaches to notice all the houses that have solar.

An average of six panels per minute are being installed in Australia, with the Australian Energy Market Operator estimating an average of 10-20 panels per minute if large-scale solar projects are factored in," said CEC Chief Executive Kane Thornton.

Lastly, Solar Helps Keep the Environment Clean For Future Generations to Enjoy

Don’t you want the future generation of Aussies to have the same or even better environment that we've privileged enjoy today?

by adding solar to your home, you’re saying a huge “Yes” to future generations. Yes, there will be a healthy planet to raise your kids and grand-kids on. Yes, you have clean air to breathe. Yes, you will have plenty of access to fresh drinking water. Yes, you can enjoy the outdoors without it damaging your skin.

There you have, 5 cool perks about solar. Now that I’ve confirmed what you already know: switching to solar is smart, effective and caring. Leave up in the comments, any questions, suggestions, and love. We read every comment. But if you need to talk in private, Call Us or fill out the form below. I am happy to answer any inquiries.

This Blog Post was brought to you by Joe Edginton: Energy Culture Owner and local professional electrician from the Northern Beaches, Sydney.

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