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We've Made Into The Finalist of The Australian Anthill Cool Company Awards

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Energy Culture has been honoured as one of the Finalist Coolest Companies in Australia in the annual Australian Anthill Cool Company Awards.

We are excited to announce that Energy Culture has been named one of the coolest companies in Australia.

Energy Culture - Finalist of The Anthill Cool Company Awards

The Anthill Cool Company Awards was developed in 2016 to recognise Australian companies that are doing things differently or are defying convention to bring about positive change.

Being nominated as the finalist of the Anthill Cool Company Awards Micro - Business category means everything to us, as we are constantly seeking ways to not only provide a superb service experience but also guide our clients to sustainable living.

This recognition gave us the fuel to keep improving our services and strategies to help you reduce your energy costs and reduce your impact on the environment.

Leave up in the comments, any questions, suggestions, and love. We read every comment. But if you need to talk in private, Call Us or fill out the form below. I am happy to answer any inquiries.


This Blog Post was brought to you by Joe Edginton: Energy Culture Owner and local professional electrician from the Northern Beaches, Sydney.



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